If you are not calculating USGA Indexes, but transfer Course Handicaps to Tournament Manager, you may need a method to transfer more than one group of golfers who play from different tees (i.e., regulars and seniors who play from White and Gold tees respectively).

Assign players to groups

First, you must have a way to differentiate the two groups in Handicap System. Group Number is a good field to use as Tournament Manager uses Group Number to assign different tees. However, you can use other fields to accomplish the same end. For instance, you could use Flight A for your regulars and Flight B for seniors in Handicap System. Make sure to use a field that is available in Step 3 under the section, "Transfer one group at a time to Tournament Manager". We will assume you have all the players in one Handicap System roster.

  1. In Handicap System assign one Group #1 to the "Regulars" and Group#2 to the "Seniors." (there can be more than two groups, if you need) Double click on a player name and use the Group # drop down menu to assign the player to his/her appropriate group.

  2. Click OK
  3. Repeat until you have assigned each player

Transfer one group at a time to Tournament Manager

Now you want to mark the players for your first group transfer...

  1. From the Setup menu in Handicap System, select "Roster Options" and set the Home Course/Tee in Roster Options to the course/tee that Group #1 uses.

  2. From the same Tools menu click on "Select to print using criteria".

  3. Place a check mark inside the box labeled "UNSelect all golfers, before selecting which golfers to print" ("A" in image below).

  4. Using the drop down menu for "Group #", select the appropriate group number for the group to be marked for transfer ("B" in image above).

  5. Click on the button labeled "Mark Golfers that DO meet criteria".

  6. Those players who are in the group will now have a red check mark to the left of their names (if no boxes to the left, select "Default" view from View menu).

  7. From the Tools menu select "Transfer to\from other 'Desktop' modules..."

  8. On the Transfer Menu, click on "Transer GOLFERS to TM" (Tournament Manager; see image below).

  9. On the Transfer screen, put a check mark in the box labeled "Transfer only golfers in the handicap roster who are marked to print" ("A" in image below).

  10. Select the appropriate rosters in Handicap System ("B" in image above) and Tournament Manager ("C" in image above).

  11. Click on button labeled "Transfer Golfers".

  12. Repeat Steps 1 through 11 for next group.

Set Tournament Parameters in Tournament Manager

  1. In the Tournament Parameters tab of Tournament Manager, set the number of tees you play to the number of Tee Groups that you have ("A" in image below).

  2. Make sure there is NO check mark in the box for using Indexes ("B" in image above).

  3. Set Tee Group #1 to their set of tees ("C" in image above).

  4. Set Tee Group #2 to their set of tees ("D" in image above).

  5. Now each player has a Course Handicap based on their set of tees.