Here's a basic overview of how the Handicap System and Tournament Manager software can work together - with different members of your group managing the data in each program.

Legend:  HS = Handicap System

  TM = Tournament Manager

  HC = Represents Handicap Chairman's PC

  TM1 = Represents Tournament Manager 1's PC

  TM2 = Represents Tournament Manager 2's PC

  TM* = Represents both TM1 and/or TM2

HS / TM acts in a Main Data Base / Duplicate Data Base relationship with HS being the Main and TM as the Duplicate.
Given this relationship, all golfers and courses should be added in HS which can then be used to transfer golfers/courses to TM. 
We'll assume you're using three computers - HC, TM1 and TM2 - and that both HS and TM have been installed and registered on all three. 

Before the season begins, on HC add/update all golfers and courses on HS.

2.From HC, perform Data Backup of HS to the Internet (or other data storage device)


3.From TM*…

  o Perform Data Restore of HS from Internet (or other data storage device).

  o Via Tools menu, transfer golfers from HS to TM and transfer courses from HS to TM.

  o Create & play tournament.


4. From TM*…

  o Enter scores and run reports.

  o Perform Data Backup of TM to Internet & email following info to Handicap chairman - date/time stamp of data backup, name & date of tournament played

From HC (upon receiving email notification from one of your tournament managers about tournament played)…

  o Open HS.

  o Perform Data Restore of TM from Internet restoring date/time stamp noted by tournament manager.

  o Via Tools menu, transfer scores of tournament played from TM to HS.

  o Click <Calculate> button on toolbar, then click <Calculate Handicaps for all golfers>.

  o Perform Data Backup of HS to Internet.

Repeating these steps after EACH tournament will keep your handicaps up to date and insure that no scores are lost.