This program lets each individual walk up to the computer and enter his/her own scores. The EASY ENTRY assumes a novice user and has been tested on persons unfamiliar with the computer. All the golfer has to do

is type in his ID# and score. You may also allow the golfer to change the score date, course played, tee played, edit scores, print a handicap report, etc.

Setting up EASY ENTRY

Click the START button, Programs, Golf Management, and then click the "Easy Entry Setup" icon to view the "EASY ENTRY SETUP" screen.

Rosters to Include in Easy Entry

You must specify a roster for EE to work with. Select the Roster in the list of rosters and press the SPACEBAR or double click the mouse to mark to include. You can select up to 6 rosters. Note: If you

allow EE to open multiple rosters, all golfers in each different roster must have unique ID#s.

Click the [Change Directory] button to change the data directories where the rosters\courses can be found. This directory is usually "C:\Golf Management\HSData". Note: EE can access a network drive.

Courses to Include in Easy Entry

You must specify at least one course and default tees for EASY ENTRY to work properly. Select the course in the list of courses and press the SPACEBAR or double click the mouse to include. You may

select up to 99 courses. If you select more than one course, the golfer will have to select the appropriate course from a list of courses when entering his/her score.

Default 18 Hole Course

When a member adds a score to an 18-hole roster this will be the default course.

Default 9 Hole Course

When a member adds a score to a 9-hole roster this will be the default course.


Select the appropriate tees. These will be the default tees.

Setup Options

Click the "Setup Options" Tab to view setup options. The following options allow you to customize

the information each golfer can change when entering a score.


Use Password to exit - To exit the EASY ENTRY system press "CTRL" and "Q" at the same time OR type "....." (five periods) in the ID# box. If you want to require a password to exit, mark this option. Type the required password.


Mask ID number input - If marked, when a golfer types his \her ID number an "*" is displayed for each digit.


Only let golfer view scores - If checked EE only lets the members view scores. They cannot add or edit any scores.


Allow golfer to print a report - Check this option if you want the golfer to have the option to print a report. The report displays all the golfer's information including scores.


Allow 9-hole scores to be posted to 18-hole rosters - If marked, a golfer can post a 9-hole score to an 18-hole roster at any time. After two 9-hole scores have been posted, EE will automatically combine the two 9s to form an 18-hole entry.


Change Score Date - Change score - allows the golfer to change the score date. If NOT marked, the current date is used.


Change Course Played - allows the golfer to change the default course\tee.


Enter Total Score; Enter Score Hole by Hole; Golfer chooses whether to enter Total or Hole by Hole - Select one of the above options. If a golfer enters scores hole by hole the adjusted gross score is calculated.


Change Score Type - allows the golfer to change score type (Regular or Tournament). Mark the default score type - Regular or Tournament.


Allow Golfer to Edit Current Scores - allows the golfers to edit scores with the current date.


Allow Golfer to Edit Old Scores - allows the golfers to edit scores with any date.

Organization Name

Click the "Organization Name" Tab to view the organization name. This information appears on the main intro screen header.

Screen Display

Click the "Screen Display" Tab to view screen options. This allows you to customize how the screen will display before a golfer types in his \her ID number.


Turn Screen Saver on – If you mark this option Easy Entry will display a blank screen (after so many minutes) with the words "Press a key".

If you do NOT mark this option EE will constantly show the ID number input screen.

Tip: You may wish to use the Window's internal screen saver. If so, do NOT mark this option and set up the Windows screen saver. To set up the Window's screen saver…click the START button, select SETTINGS, select CONTROL PANEL, double-click the DISPLAY icon and click the SCREEN SAVER tab.


Show announcement text box. - If you want your golfers to see an announcement when they walk up to the computer, mark this option.

To place text into the box….

1. Create a document with your word processor, or use the Windows WordPad. (To run WordPad, click START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, and WORD PAD)

2. Save the document you created in your word processor as a Rich Text Format (*.RTF) or as a Text File (*.TXT). Rich Text Format files maintain font styles and sizes, while simple text files do not.

3. Click the [Get Text file] button and load the text file you created in your word processor.

To set the width and height of the text box, type in the appropriate width size and height size.


Show graphic in the background. - If you wish to display a graphic on the screen, mark this option.

Graphic files can be any of the following formats…Bitmap (*.bmp), GIF Images (*.gif), JPEG Images (*.jpg), or Metafiles (*.wmf). Click the [Get Graphic file] button to load your graphic file.

Tip: Take a picture of your course with a digital camera and use this as your background image.