To transfer golfers from the Handicap System to the League Manager:

1. Run League Manager (LM)

2. You need to "tell" LM what spot to transfer each golfer to. Double click each golfer's "vacant" spot to pull up the player information form. Type in the ID number the golfer has in the Handicap System in the ID Number box on this form (top right corner).

3. To transfer golfers "Transfer To\From other modules" on the TOOLS menu.

4. The Transfer menu will appear. Under the first column "Handicap System Transfers" click the button that says [Transfer GOLFERS to LM]

5. Click the button that says [Find Handicap Roster] and get the handicap roster to transfer golfers from.

6. Click the button that says [Find League] and get the league to transfer golfers to.

7. Click the button that says [Transfer Golfers]

For more information, please refer to a similar process at Transferring To Handicap System.