How do I purge old scores from the program?

There is no need to "purge" old scores in the Handicap System; it does it automatically. For example, if you are using USGA handicapping a golfer's handicap is based on his/her last 20 scores and also any tournament scores shot within the last year. HS maintains a golfer's last 300 scores for history case you ever wish to compare a history handicap to a current handicap. HS automatically throws out any scores over the last 300.

Note: If your intention is to gain extra disk space by deleting old scores you will NOT gain ANY disk space by doing this. When you add a new golfer to your roster, HS automatically reserves disk space for 300 scores for that golfer. This disk space remains constant regardless of how many scores the golfer has posted. We do this because it makes the database very stable.

Note: Some very rare groups like to start each season with every golfer having NO scores.  They start "brand new" each year.  If this is your case, you can create a NEW roster and copy the golfers without their scores to the new roster.  To do this.

  1. Click Roster menu and select Create New Roster
  2. Create a new roster and Load new roster. 
  3. Click Tools menu and select Transfer golfers between rosters .
  4. Follow instructions on the screen.