How do I show a view or report with multiple handicaps (handicap for each tee)?

Handicap System can show “Course Handicaps” on up to 6 course/tee boxes simultaneously.

To set these courses/tees…

  1. Click Setup menu and select Roster Options.
  2. Set the courses and tees accordingly.
The "Primary Course Handicap” and “Additional Course Handicaps” can be shown on any custom view or custom report.

To see a sample view...
  1. Pull down the View menu and select Custom Views
  2. Load the view (Many Course Handicaps).
Notice how it shows 6 handicaps for each golfer. These correspond to the courses/tees set on Roster Options.

Instead of the column headers being named “Hcp”, “Hcp1”, "Hcp2”, etc…, you will probably want to give them a more descriptive name...such as “Blue Tee Hcp”, “White Tee Hcp”, etc. If you name the columns in this way and then change the course/tee combinations in Roster Options, then you will need to rename the column headers.

To do this, edit the view and rename the column headers.  Or create your own custom view.

Go to
Creating a Custom View  for more details.