If I have different groups of golfers in the same roster, how can I print a report that includes just one group?

Of course, you could simply put different groups of golfers in different rosters.  However if you want only one roster, see the example below.


Assume you have one roster in which you track both junior players and regular players.

Use the “group text” field to indicate which groups a golfer is in.  For example you could use a “J” for juniors and a “R” for regulars. Double-click a golfer to enter this information.

If I only want juniors to appear on a report…

  1. Click the Tools menu and click Select to print using criteria.
  2. Type in J in the Group Text field.
  3. Click the button Mark Golfers that Do Meet Criteria.
Now only juniors are marked to print and only they appear on any reports you select.

Tip: You can also load or create any custom views that have the “Group” field on it.  You can sort first by "Group" and sub-sort on any other columns if  you need junior and regulars grouped together for any reason.