How can I enter mutiple scores quickly?

To enter scores quickly...

  1. Highlight golfer on the screen
  2. Press + key.
  3. Type score and press + key
  4. Type next score and press + key
  5. Type next score and press + key
  6. ..etc..
Note: Handicap System always sorts scores by date (newest to oldest, most recent first).  If you enter several scores for a golfer with the same date, HS will maintain the order depending upon the order in which the scores are entered.  If scores have the same date, the last score entered is considered the newest score.  This concept can save considerable time when entering batches of scores.  For example, assume you have a golfer with 20 scores to enter.  Instead of entering a date for each score, just enter the scores oldest to newest with the same date.  The proper order will be maintained.  HS uses the most recent scores for handicap calculations.

See Entering Scores Quickly for more info.