You can set the Handicap System to calculate Quotas instead of handicaps by doing the following.

First, setup the program to allow entry of “Points” a golfer got instead of scores shot.

  1. Click Setup menu and select Roster Options.
  2. Click the Options Tab.
  3. Check the option Allow Any Score Entry.
  4. Check the option Allow Scores to be posted with a course rating of 0.
  5. Click OK to close form.
Next, setup program to calculate "Point Quotas” the way you wish.
  1. Click the Setup menu and select Calculation Options.
  2. Set the Handicap Calculation Mode to “Custom Handicap
  3. Set Handicap Percent to 100%
  4. Set Number of  scores handicap (points in your case) based on to 5 (Or whatever number of points your group uses to calculate a quota.)
  5. Set other options as necessary.
  6. Click OK to close form.
You can now enter the “Points” each golfer got on the “Away course” (instead of scores) and HS will calculate the Quota.

Furthermore you may want to create a custom view and/or report to call the “Handicap” a “Quota” instead of a handicap.
See Creating a Custom View for details.