In January 2020, the new World Handicap System is will be implemented.

We are not updating our legacy Desktop software, but you can enter part of the formula for the WHS and emulate the new formula.

NOTE: This will NOT be an official WHS handicap. 

Official WHS Indexes, Playing Conditions Calculations, Equitable Stroke Control and Course Handicaps are NOT available in the legacy Desktop software. If these things are important to your group, please consider our cloud-based Handicap System.

In HS, click on 'Setup' on the gray toolbar and select 'Calculation Options'.

In the box that appears, make the highlighted changes, starting at the top :

See below to complete the table of scores information:

Click 'OK' and then click 'Calculate Handicaps for all golfers'.

Handicaps should be updated daily (at midnight) according to WHS protocol.

The table of scores information is taken from this chart in the WHS Handbook: