Sometimes it seems as though your handicap does not calculate correctly.

First, double check your handicap calculation parameters...
Have you set it up the way you want?

Second, have you clicked on the re-calculate button to update your handicaps?

A "Course Handicap" is calculated from the index and is based on the following equation...

Course Handicap = Index X  (Slope of home course tee / 113)

That is...course handicap EQUALS the Index TIMES the slope of the tee DIVIDED by 113.

Please make sure the golfer's tee is set correctly.


Golfer has a 14.3 Index and slope for the tee is 134.

What would his home course handicap be?

Course Handicap = Index  x  (Slope of home course / 113)
Course Handicap = 14.3  x  (134 / 113)
Course Handicap = 14.3  x  1.19
Course Handicap = 17