On many reports and views in Handicap System, the handicap number provided is the course handicap for the home course. To change the home course...

  1. Click Setup menu and select Roster Options
  2. Make sure you are on the Home Course(s) tab
  3. Select the home course in the box labeled Home Course and the tees you desire for the boxes labeled Men's Tee and Ladies' Tee.
The Home Course(s) tab lets you set the course\tees for which a course handicap is calculated. According to the USGA, a golfer does not play off his USGA Index. Rather, he converts the USGA Handicap Index to a Course Handicap and plays off the Course Handicap. The formula for conversion is Handicap = Index  X  (Slope of course / 113).  That is, the course handicap equals the golfer's index times the slope of the course and tees being played divided by 113.

The first (top) course on this form is the Primary Home Course and is displayed as the handicap on all lists and reports. You can also set and display course handicaps for up to 5 additional course\tee boxes. These Additional Course Handicaps can be displayed on any custom list view or custom report. A View called Many Course Handicaps allows you to view course handicaps for the home course (Hcp) and for five other courses (Hcp1, Hcp2, etc.) from the list of Additional Course Handicaps.