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Calculation of Net Score

I am attempting to create a custom view that shows the golfer's Net Score.  Our group just enters the 18 hole score.  I believe that the Handicap System will only calculate the net score if the scores for each hole have been entered.  I would like to propose a change to the software that would calculate the Net Score  using the Adjusted Gross Score instead of the Gross Score if the gross score is zero.  

Another issue that I am facing is that there is not a way to access the handicap of the most recent score.  Th individuals in our golf group play from one of two tees depending on their age.  I can access the Most Recent Tee that they played on, but not the Most Recent Handicap and not the Most Recent Net Score.

please the software is not accumulating gross score  and doesn't change handicap from  d edit page


Adigun Taiwo Adekola, 

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