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USGA Handicap or Not ?

 Hi, 1st year with GolfSoftware and I was under the impression that this program would provide a real USGA Handicap. I posted my own six scores of 42,39,38,45,41,41 with a rating of 35.1 and a slope of 126. My handicap calculated out to a 4......its set at %100
I can't understand how this is a USGA handicap.

In the program, you decide what type of hcp you want it to calculate. It can calculate USGA/RCGA or custom handicaps. It sounds like you are looking for a 9-hole USGA hcp. This help article tells more about how to set up your program for USGA hcps.

Hope this helps! Support when I click on SETUP and then HANDICAP CALCULATION PARAMETERS it only gives me two options: either CUSTOM HANDICAP or DO NOT CALCULATE A HANDICAP
I can't find where to select USGA Mode.......


Probably because you are calculating hcps for 9-holes. You'll have to set up the Custom Handicap using the USGA formula.

Hope this helps! Support how would I set up Custom Handicap using the USGA Formula?
and while Im do I switch an Alternate player to a full-time player in my league?


In your help manual, go to 'Custom Mode' and scroll down to find how to emulate the USGA system.

Feel free to email or call us to talk about your alternative player.

Hope this helps! Support


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