The basic steps for importing data into Handicap System from GHIN are as follows:

  1. You export GHIN data to a text or ASCII delimited format. At a minimum we need name, gender, and last 20 scores with ratings and slopes.
  2. You can then email us this file as an attachment to
  3. We will transfer data into the Handicap System program, email back the data (which you can restore) and you will be ready to go.

You may have to contact GHIN on how to export with your particular version, but here is how most previous GHIN customers do it...

  1. On GHIN, go to the Reports area. Click on the Revision Report tab. Highlight the report you want to revise (handicap).
  2. Click on Customize or Design Report tab.
  3. It will then show you various fields that you can choose to move over and include those fields in your new report.
  4. Once you select the fields, then ask it to run the report.
  5. Once the report has run, then go to the export button and tell it to send the new report to thedisk you want to save it to.
  6. Choose the format that you want to save it in  (Excel or TAB delimited) and it should take just a second to export.

For more information on restoring, see Restore.