How to print men's handicap labels including different color tees according to which color tees individual plays

  1. In the Handicap System bring up the roster from which you want to print lables.
  2. Double-click on player and enter the following into the Group Text field on the General tab: "g" for Gold Tees; "w" for White Tees; or "b" for Blue Tees (no quotation marks). Repeat for each player on roster.
  3. From Setup menu select "Roster options..."
  4. On the "Home Course(s)" tab change "Men's Tee:" field to Gold using the drop down menu. (If you do not find Gold, you will have to back out of here and enter all color tees needed in your course library.)
  5. From the Tools menu "Select to print using criteria..."
  6. Click your mouse in the white area to the right of the Field Name "Group Text" and enter a "g" for Gold Tees and click on the "Mark Golfers that DO meet criteria" button.
  7. Select Standard Report "6. Handicap Colored Labels - Laser/Inkjet Printers" from the Reports menu. 
  8. Choose to "Print Home Course Handicap" and click on "Build Report" button. Then click on "Print" button.
  9. Repeat Steps 3 through 8 for White and Blue tees.
For more information, see Selecting Players to Print.